Another goal achieved!!

Thanks to the deep collaboration between Team Logica and e TWS it was possible to realize
the first integration between the CTP Cron and the management system, MIS Proto, part of the Logica Suite.

This is positive news for all employees in the sector. In fact  a new way has been opened for a deeper vertical automation
between the incoming and outgoing data flow of the CTPs with the company MIS / MES.

For the integration with the Cron CTP, a new interface has been created directly inside the Data Production, which allows you to select, from the workflow output hot folder (in the specific case Apogee), the files to be engraved and match them directly to the machine sheets of the MIS Proto orders.

The interface also has the ability to send files directly to the CTP input folder, appropriately differentiated, for example based on the plate format. With the plates engraved, the CTP returns the data to Data Production with the file name indicated. This operation automatically updates the system for an increasingly advanced automation of the production flow.

One of the aspects most appreciated by our customers is the automatism of this operation,
completely manual until a few months ago. In fact today, our tool allows you to have a precise tool
for the “job-file” matching and consequently to be able to send the correctly matched files to the CTP.

This allows to drastically reduce manual errors and to have more order and clarity within the entire production workflow.

We are really satisfied with this integration with the CTP Cron.
Our customers will have a further opportunity for global 4.0 integration for each of their production departments.


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