The Benefits of Data Production!

In this article we’ll analyze what advantages Data Production brings to the company itself in terms of saving money, time, resources and how you can increase the production capacity of your company once the inefficiencies discovered by the Logic Suite have been reduced and eliminated.

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Power is nothing without Control

Direct access to every production resource in real time, with no filters between you and machines.

Logica’s Suite links up your PC/La Top/Tablet/Smartphone, with every single machine in your plant.

You will experience the powerful of your virtual presence straight into production any time and anywhere. This will help to increase the plant’s productivity by 15%, without change your MIS/ERP (the suite fits even to your existing system).

Monitor every plant Remotely

External plants require high level of control to make them synergistic to headquarters’ interest.

Logica’s Suite allows you to control every single machine in all your plants, directly from your office.
No need to dedicated managers to fly on site to control production, it’s costly and difficult due to travelling restrictions.

Save money and time, experience the highest data reliability, without change your MIS, the suite fits even to your existing system.

Hidden costs in Production

Production flow is like a pipeline! Every wasted drop means wasted money!

“Wasted Drops” are inefficiencies, that means: don’t take advantage of your resources such as technology and time.
There are many kind of inefficiencies that often are not even noticed but in the long run can become one of the main causes of loss of money for the company.

The solution is Logica’s software suite that allows you to reduce inefficiencies and increase your production capacity up to 15%!

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