A new opportunity in the field of graphics and industrial automation

Innovation is part of our vision since ever, our goal is to fully satisfy our clients needs, day by day more demanding.

Therefore, we decided to add a new business model, supporting the simplified access to the most sophisticated and reliable MES in the Graphic sector. Logica As a Service is our renting solution, properly designed to be an alternative to the traditional, still available purchasing.

In an increasingly competitive environment, the optimization of investments is a crucial factor for the success of a company; this new option offers many commercial and fiscal advantages:

  • Reduction of initial costs: “Logica As a Service” will allow you to avoid purchase-related charges, introducing the flexible monthly fee model and allowing access to Logica Suite without large initial investments;
  • Maximum flexibility: SAAS allows you to scale software resources according to your needs. This means that you can easily add or remove licenses based on your business;

  • Tax benefit: the costs incurred will also be fully deductible in the current year.

Constant innovation is our absolute priority.

That’s why “Logica As a Service” grants the users, full access to the system and its updates with no additional costs. Keeping up our clients with the ultimate technologies available, is an embedded part of our service philosophy.

We learned by the acquired experience, matured in so many years of systems implementation, that every company is unique, in the sector it operates and with respect to its needs. Our team dedicated to support is always available in order to grant every Customer to get all the advantages given by Logica Suite. This is the reason why service and support are included and fully covered by the monthly fees.

Contact us today, to discover how our Suite, thanks to the “Logica As a Service” model, can perfectly fit to your company’s dynamics