Are you sure your MIS
keeps production under control?

The most advance web-based operator’s interface.

System monitors and provides visual info about (main ones):

  • Customers
  • Job and job’s part selected
  • Produced and requested amount of copies
  • Team components
  • Time the job is started
  • Time of machine’s preparation
  • Waste and good copies produced
  • Time to end, accordingly with production average speed detected.

Pop up showing processes interruption times, inclusive of the reason of each of it and the time it takes with justification menu.

Logica Suite 4.0

  • Your MIS/ERP integrates all production machines.
  • Recent machine as well as old machines: printing, finishing, binding, every process, JDF or NO JDF compliant are equally communicating with the MIS/ERP.
  • No need to change your MIS/ERP.
  • Stop to hidden cost.
  • Spot light over unproduction times
  • Check your production from any place you are via PC and smartphone.

All production departments connected!

See to Believe!

Rotolito Lombarda IT Manager’s experience.

Watch the Logica’s Software Suite completely integrated
in one of the most important Italian Company.