Energy savings is becoming fundamental for all companies in the graphic field.

The energy saving comes, first of all, from the optimization of the use of the systems which represents the main goal pursued with Logica Suite. Producing better means consuming less for the same quantities produced. This improvement process, now consolidated, is made thanks to a system that monitors and highlights the critical issues and the points at which is possible advancements.

Along with the energy efficiency, which is a key point of Industry 5.0 and the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy launched the new tax credit package of the Transition 5.0 plan, complementary to the incentives for the previous Transition. Investments will be based on goods and activities aimed at saving energy, increasing energy efficiency, promoting self-consumption and self-production of renewable energy, within industrial processes thanks to the implementation of advanced technologies and management best practices.

Real time energy monitoring and consumption accounting, alongside with the identification of energy waste and anomalies is realized by using intelligent sensors.

Our DataProduction helps you pursue the improvement of your business’ energy efficiency through the DP Energy module.

DP Energy allows to measure in real time the electricity consumption per single machine, helping energy managers to identify areas for improvement. Measurement and reporting of cosfi, active / reactive / apparent energy for each sectioned and measured area.

Integrated in the DataProduction system, it requires the addition of an industrial multimeter equipped with Ethernet port to connect to your Logica data collection system at one side and to the electrical cabinet of the machine, on the other one. We monitor in real time any area of the company, from auxiliary units such as trimmings, air compressors, chillers, to service systems such as lighting, air conditioning and production units.

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