Logica was founded by the union of a group of professionals with decades of experience in business management and ad hoc software development. Thanks to our cutting-edge solutions, we have been able to acquire important customers in Italy and abroad and to consolidate partnerships in different countries.

With a strong and innovative spirit combined with the continuous search for solutions that can meet and help the needs of our customers, we develop  revolutionary strategies o optimize and speed up activities and increase business. Our work philosophy is aimed at the goal of giving efficient, simple and complete solutions.

Based on your needs, we create  tailor-made projects or your business and we develop solutions that represents the principles of modern engineering: softwares oriented to the modern user which is always faster, more demanding and in need for immediate answers. We develop solutions that provide fast and efficient services and simplify use with intuitive and pleasant user interfaces.

At the end of October 2018 LOGICA s.r.l acquire Proto, one of the leading software for business management fo the italian country, with the aim of expanding its offer of management tools and services capable of supporting the reference market. A path of growth that continues day after day.
LOGICA s.r.l., LOGICA srl, a company with deep know-how in corporate programming and control systems, industry 4.0 and automation, has always been interested in the development of cutting-edge technologies in the field of management in the order of providing each customer with the best integrated solution for its company. 

On the other hand, Proto, is a consolidated, powerful and customizable software , that allows companies to control costs and prices, coordinating all budget, order and warehouse operations, with rigor and precision. 

So What challenge had LOGICA set itself with this investment? 

The goal was clear: not only LOGICA’s historical software had to interface with all the existing management systems, but a complete, performing and customizable Suite could be offered in order to offer a whole and integrated company coverage, fully compatible with the latest and updated industry standards of tomorrow.

There were two possible ways to achieve that goal: create a new software and leave behind everything that had been done until that moment, or choose the experience of over 20 years of a solid and performing system that could be updated, improved in all its main features, and enriching it with new functions. This led to offering a mature and stable but modern product.

So started a year of intense and full-bodied work to bring Proto competitive and more alive than ever. There was a massive update that involved both the functional and technological process and the graphic interface.
In just over seven months, Proto X has returned to the market, enriched with new features and fully capable of competing in the sector, up to being superior to the best solutions already on the market.
A gigantic job with attention to the smallest details by the whole LOGICA team, a group made up of the best informatics engineers and consultants led by leaders with many years of experience in the printing industry.

This expansion process, which began at the end of 2018, today consolidates LOGICA as a reference point in the sector, making it a dynamic, professional and technological supplier that will support its customers in the future to come..

And it is only the beginning because the future does not wait!