An analysis conducted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce (Unioncamere and Infocamere) revealed that when considering management roles in the companies, the growing number of elder entrepreneurs, goes beside the decreasing of younger managers having decisional power, or important responsibilities. Logica instead, once more goes for a different path, with its long period vision.

In the present dynamic working scenario, generational relationship tissue within companies needs to be significantly redesigned.

New generations do not only represent new pieces of the company staff, but they also bring along a fresher and different vision. They are stimulus to explore new solutions, in coherence with new priorities, preferences and new way of living and creating wellness.

The concept of multigenerational workforce as strategic leverage

Premise is in the aspiration of the younger to be recognized for their uniqueness to actively generate value. It’s a new perspective overtaking the human resources traditional vision, to challenge the idea of the merely functional staff changeover condition.

At the same time more experienced workers, with their wealth of experience, own a precious know how to be transferred to the youngers, as experience is fundamental to face our time and the future, with the right strength.

We believe the key is the creation of diversified and heterogeneous teams.

This approach, synergic to intergenerational cooperation, further to preserve and exploit what previously built in the time, it also contribute to generate a dynamic and productive work environment.

In this framework, we undertaken and welcome with determination the generational transition within our team.

Logica’s company culture is shaped to encourage to innovation, creativity and collaboration

We invested in the recognition of the unique skills of each team member, creating an inclusive environment in which everyone is able to contribute to the maximum of their potential.

We are conscious the company future lies in the ability to keep stability and reliability with time, always continuing to evolve. The generational change is not only a necessary step but a fundamental pillar for Logica’s growth path.

We are setting up what’s to come, building a young environment that will be the backbone for innovation and long-term success.