Production at the time of COVID19! 

Here is the Guide with rules and useful tips to follow in this period for the protection of its employees and the entire production department!

Are you part of those companies that operate for the food or health supply chain? Do you print packaging for the food sector and must your production continue despite the Coronavuirus emergency?

As we know, with the latest DPCM decree of March 21, 2020, all non-essential industrial production was blocked, leaving all the supply chain involved in the food and health sector active and free to produce.

There are many companies in the printing industry that work to print packaging or other material dedicated to food or health and which therefore can and must produce in this demanding period due to contagion. This is why this article was born, to summarize in one place the rules and useful advice that the companies involved must follow to keep production active and at the same time guarantee the safety of their employees in Italy.

The imperative of all the information activity that Logica does is to provide useful and truthful notions to entrepreneurs in the polygraphic sector who must face, like us, this epidemic, and to make this happen we contacted a work consultancy company. which has been dealing with protection and security for years.

The Guide talks about:

  • Good practices for companies for the health emergency

  • Smartworking

  • DPI – How and when use them

  • Entry procedures and management of third party companies on site

  • Helpful tips

  • Operators who work less than a meter

  • Sanitizing

  • ATS procedures and forms in case of positive subjects

  • Rubbish Management

  • Privacy at the time of Covid-19, Practical indications for the employer

  • Advice to employers to ensure business continuity

  • Useful informatics tools

  • FAQ – Companies and Workers

  • Glossary

  • Useful Links

  • Useful Phone Numbers

  • Regional numbers

  • Signage

The company in question is Frareg, a company specialized for over 30 years in providing companies with consultancy and training services on workplace safety, Occupational Medicine, Management Systems, Quality, Environment, Privacy and Organizational Models. It is a leading consultancy company and works with the most important companies nationwide.

In order to correctly manage possible working situations related to the presence of a health emergency (Covid-19), Frareg has provided us with this practical tool for companies to manage the emergency.

It is a lean guide with the tools necessary for the Employer, the RSPP, the RLS and all workers to manage and deal with the “Covid-19” emergency, with the aim of raising the level of attention and prevention.
Inside you can find practical indications, answers to frequently asked questions and models to be used for the various cases that may occur during this emergency period.


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